Adult Stuff

Don’t Read This Manga! Metamorphosis

Your boner is gonna be so confused. 

This doujinshi by ShindoL is going to leave you less horny then when you’re at grandma’s place and it smells like old people. The English title is Metamorphosis and is distributed by Fakku. Though only one volume it’s a hectic ride that’s not going to get better. Involving prostituion, incest, drug use and violent sex scenes, the main character takes a journey down the dark side of life, when all she wanted was to make friends. If you aren’t already depressed you will be as you see humanity at its most vulnerable and horrific. 

What makes it worse is the art is quite good and makes you want to keep reading even though what you’re fapping to is getting weirder and more depressing by the chapter. 

This is not a manga I recommended unless you want to feel sad for the day. If you’re looking for fun and happy fap material, skip this one and resist looking it up again. You’ll spiral down a hole of grotesque wonder which will not end well for you. 

This is NOT FAPulous!





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