Manga of the Week: Gyo

I hope you like horror cause this story is pretty disturbing. 

Story and art by Junji Ito, the master of horror, Gyo follows the fight for survival of Kaori and Tadashi, a Japanese couple who are in a bit of a predicament. Fish now have metal legs and are attacking people on land. 

I know it sounds a bit ridiculous from that description and I was sceptical at first, but trust me, this is one unnerving and highly disturbing narrative. Both the art and story are exceptional, and you can see why Junji Ito is considered the master of terror manga. The imagery is truly terrifying and at times disgusting, and you can see Junji Ito has a true understanding of human psychology. 

As for people who a trying to learn Japanese, this one is definitely not for beginners. No furigana and some tricky language is used. Only recommended for those who have mastered the language. 

As always, pros and cons:


  • Amazingly terrifying art
  • Disturbing story
  • Will leave you with a mixed feeling of disgust and sadness (for those who like that stuff)
  • Only 2 volumes – a quick read
  • Written by Japan’s most famous horror mangaka 
  • Not for those with a weak stomach
  • Hard to understand for beginners if reading in Japanese 
Hope you’ll be disturbed as I am! 

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