Anime of the Week: Spice and Wolf

Another one of my absolute favourites, and it’s probably very different from any other anime you’ve watched. 


That’s because it focuses on economics. I know, I know, sounds boring, right? Anyone who has an interest in economics is the most boring person on the planet. Well, this anime makes it work. Really work. I don’t know what kind of magic spell Spice and Wolf cast over me but I actually began to be interested in economics and business! 

Apart from economics, Spice and Wolf is a love story which I’m usually not a fan of but once again, Spice and Wolf has done wonders to bring the characters to life – and what fabulous characters they are! So just to sum up, Spice and Wolf got me to like both economics AND romance! The devil is real and you can sell your soul to gain special powers. 

Anyway, the story. Lawrence is a travelling merchant and one day finds himself at a harvest festival. The night after the festival he finds a naked girl sleeping in his wagon who’s a bit less normal than normal – she has wolf ears and a tail. Her name is Holo and she is the God of the harvest, but with the new religions and technology which are sweeping the world, people have started to forget about her. Now she wants to return to her home in the North and of course the lonely Lawrence agrees to take her there. 

Get ready for some amazing banter between the two! Some of the best dialogue of the show is just the, sitting in the wagon and talking. You’ll fall in love with their michevious and stubborn personalities immediately- it’s a given. 

There is one flaw however. One major flaw of this show. They never made a third season! 24 episode and 2 seasons in all and now third. If you’ve ever watched Spice and Wolf you know how painful that it. 

Luckily the original source material – the light novels – are finished. Spanning 17 volumes, Isuna Hasekura takes you on a journey that the anime can’t possibly do. After you watch the anime I strongly recommend you read the light novels. They are delightful. 

I won’t do a pros and cons for this one since I’ve decided to just do that for easy beginner anime if you’re wanting to learn Japanese, and this is definitely intermediate to advance. Lots of economic orientated vocabulary. 

Anyway, I hope you have a great week and if you ever watch any of the animes you recommend, please leave a comment telling me about your experience. Leave all the comments you want. I would like to know what you think about this little blog of mine – what you like, what I should change, what other kind of things you’d like me to post on here. Anything! 






2 thoughts on “Anime of the Week: Spice and Wolf

  1. I did hear this series is “rumored” to get another season, but it never materialized. I love this series. The two characters talking is really the best part, since it’s flirtatious but friendly in a weird way.


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