Ready For Some Fitness Inspiration? Then Check Out This Manga!


“Danberu nan kiro moteru?” translated into English as “How Many Kilos Are the Dumbbells You Lift?” is a comedy manga with a focus on sexy girls doing exercise and wanting to get FIT! Written by Sandrovich Yabako with art by MAAM, this ongoing manga is a fan service, exercise junky’s dream! 


Sakura Hibiki is happily munching on all the declicious food she can handle when her friend tells her she looks fat. Realising she’s gained weight she decides to go the the gym while having absolutely no experience. There she meets Souryuuin Akemi, a girl who goes to her high school who’s obsessed with weight training and has a muscle fetish. Thanks to this manga I now also have a muscle fetish. It’s quite concerning. Making friends along the way, Akemi helps Sakura with her fitness goals and new diet. More characters are introduced periodically, all with their own unique favourite exercises and training programs. 

The best part about this manga is that it actually explains how to do the exercises correctly! If you don’t know where to start on your fitness journey, then this is the best place to learn. Not only do you get to look at sexy girls lifting weights, but you get to learn and be educated. Yay! Two in one! Not only that, but it also explains the benefits of dieting and cheat days and what the best way to eat actually is. 

And don’t even get me started on how funny it is! If you hate to exercise and diet, then you’ll know exactly how Sakura feels. She’s definitely my favourite character. Very relatable. 

Let me tell you that I started lifting because of this manga and I love how my body looks now. It’s getting more toned everyday and I  hate that it took me so long to finally get off my butt and start going to the gym. 

If this manga doesn’t inspire you to lift, then don’t even bother. 





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