Anime of the Week: Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Ready for some comedy romance? I sure wasn’t when I started watching this anime but it was done so well I didn’t bother me at all. 

I didn’t realise how slice of life this anime would be until about the third episode. I was expecting magic magic magic. I should have probably read the synopsis rather than just choosing something at random on Netflix. Don’t get me wrong, there is magic but in a high school setting, not saving-the-world type of adventure magic. Let’s just say it’s not my type of show to begin with. 

However, the characters make it fantastic and funny so I wasn’t bored for a second. Pretty much a high school student named Yamada accidentally falls down the stairs and locks lips with a girl who just happens to be a witch whose magic is the ability to swap bodies with whomever she kisses. This definitely makes the funnies funny. Thoughout the series you get to meet all the seven witches all with their unique powers which, as you can imagine, gets Yamada into a lot of trouble. And don’t forget the romance! It’s sweet and cute with a bit of drama and you’ll be really rooting for Yamada. 

At only 12 episodes long, or short because let’s face it any 12 episode anime leaves you wanting more, the anime is based on a manga written and illustrated by Miki Yoshikawa. I am not sure how much the anime deviates from its original source material but if you enjoyed the anime I’m sure you’ll enjoy the manga just as much. 

Now, for those of you interested in learning Japanese, this is definitely a relatively easy anime to understand. There are words involving magic which you may be unfamiliar with, but most are borrowed from English so if you can decipher the Japanese way of saying the English word you’re good to go. 

One thing I did struggle with is understanding the protagonist, Yamada. He speaks in a very rough and typical male way and sometimes slurs his syllables together so it can be hard to catch the word. I would use subtitle for this anime if you have any, simply to get used to the male way of talking. I find the females announciate more of what they say, but that could just be me and my stupid brain. 

So, as for the pros and cons:


  • Good romance and comedy
  • Funny characters
  • Only 12 episodes
  • Easy vocab for the most part
  • Lots of kissing! 
  • Cute waifus! 
  • Vocab involving magic which may be unfamiliar
  • Very rough speaking male protagonist
  • Lots of kissing! (This is both a pro and a con cause I’m not a sappy person generally) 
So that is it for today my otaku friends! Comment, like and follow me for more stuff about anime and sexy sexy anime girls! 

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