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Hentai of the Week: Velvet Kiss

I’m just gonna come out and say it. (Write it?)

I love hentai. 

I suppose it’s just a side effect of liking anime and manga and being sexually aware. So, with this new weekly addition to my Manga and Anime of the Week articles, I will also be doing a hentai of the week to hopefully introduce you to some fun (and sexy, duh) material for you to enjoy. 

The first recommendation is a manga: Velvet Kiss.

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Anime of the Week: Working!!

Since I just posted a manga of the week I think it’s time for an anime of the week recommendation too! (Because listening practice is just as important as reading practice.) 

This week is one of my favourite animes OF. ALL. TIME! 

I’ll give you a hint: it’s about a group of people working in a family restaurant in Hokkaido. 

Have you got it yet?

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一週間フレンズ Anime of the Week: One Week Friends

Even though I want to include Japanese in most of my blog posts (I started this blog to improve my Japanese after all), I also really want to share with you some of the best anime and manga that I’ve used to practice my reading and listening comprehension skills. I’m still far from fluent but I’ve learnt if you start immersing yourself in the language you will definitely succeed in your goals! 

The first in a long line of anime recommendations for learning Japanese is One Week Friends – an anime adaption of a popular manga series by Matcha Hazuki. 

This anime features a lonesome girl, Kaori Fujimiya, who has isolated herself because she can’t retain the memories of her friends and every week forgets who are. Yuki Hase, a boy from her class, takes an interest in her and endevours to become her new friend every week. 

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